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Amin Shahrokhi

My Story

My Name is Amin Shahrokhi. I started learning Photoshop in 2002 whiles I had 8 years experience in arts such as painting with oil color in realism and impressionism styles and playing several music instruments. So, I was comfortable with understanding the philosophy and the structure of the new technique I was about learning.
When I learned Adobe Photoshop, I started working in publishing and printing offices as a graphic designer. Few year passed and whiles I was being expert in graphic matters and “Photoshop Top Secrets” I got interested in world wide web and designing for it.
In 2007, I was a good graphic designer who knew Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash pretty good and this time was about walking in the web design world.
It was still 2007 that I got an advice from a Joomla! developer for getting started with Joomla! I did that and could learn the basics in a year. Then I proceed with HTML and CSS. When in 2008 I was planning to upgrade my job from graphic design to web design, I was not even thinking I’ll learn Joomla!, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, RWD (Responsive Web Design), BootStrap, SEO and web mastering as much as I can be a freelancer who is able to deliver orders to clients from the most advanced countries such as North American and European ones. Yes, I made it! But not as easy as what is describable in these few lines! I worked and studied more than hard, Avg. 15 hours a day all these years and have never thought that’s enough.
Also, during my 4 years of freelancing, I’ve learned a lot about communication and taking care of my clients. I love my job but it’s not the all. During my work hours, I always think about how can I make my client smile? How can I surprise my client by providing something much more than his/her ideal. Though, misunderstandings and problems are always probable, but I believe someone who takes care of clients and is in love with their smiles, will get to a much better result since I’ve gotten!

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